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When a Pregnancy is Unplanned


An unplanned pregnancy can be difficult at any age regardless of the circumstances. Women often feel as if they have no choice but to end the pregnancy. Choices are often made abruptly and then regretted. Please consider all of the options available to you. Abortion may seem like the easy answer, but this choice is also a terribly heavy burden to carry.  Most post-abortive women say abortion was the worst decision they've ever made. 

We would love to talk with you about your options so you can make an informed decision. We can also connect you with your local Pregnancy Care Center. 

We are here for you. 

*Disclaimer- Not Forgotten Ministries does not perform or refer for abortion services.


If you or someone you love is facing an unplanned pregnancy, please reach out to Not Forgotten Ministries or visit to chat LIVE with someone 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Make sure you know all the options available to you, so you can make an informed decision.

I Regret Having an Abortion

There is Hope

Unplanned pregnancies can be overwhelming and scary. There are often many things pressuring women to abort their children. Whether a pregnancy is ended quickly or after much time and thought, regret and shame almost always plague the mother. 

Although God hates abortion, He is not mad at you. He desires healing and wholeness for you. He loves you even though abortion is a part of your story. 

Not Forgotten Ministries offers post-abortive Bible Studies and small support groups for women who have chosen abortion.  Letting the light in will drive out the darkness and allow the healing process to begin.


Our Mission

We are devoted to ending abortion, mentoring mothers who choose life, helping post-abortive mothers find healing, and offering a place for preborn babies to be honored.  In addition, we offer support to women who suffer from infertility and child-loss.

If you need to speak with someone about the emotional pain an abortion has caused. Don't wait. H3Helpline offers Help • Hope • Healing for the pain of abortion. Someone is available 24/7/365 to answer your call.  .


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